Explore the Top 3 Sites in Tozeur, Tunisia

Experience one of Tunisia’s best destinations at the Oasis city of Tozeur. Below are three reasons you will not want to miss Tozeur on your Tunisia tour.

1. The Oasis

Tozeur’s stunning date-palm oasis offers lush gardens in the midst of the surrounding Sahara lands. Here, below the shade of outstretched palms, a series of red-dirt paths wind through lush agricultural land. Approximately 400,000 date-palm trees grow. You can ride through the palmary on a donkey, camel, by horse-drawn carriage. Inside the oasis there are six small hamlets that can be visited, the most significant of which are Bled el Hadder, Abbès, and Sahraoui.

2. Chott el Djerid

With a surface are of over 7,000 sq km, the Chott el Djerid is the Sahara’s largest salt flat. During the winter when the rains have come, some of it has to be navigated by boat but in summer, it almost completely dries up leaving the salt crust with its random patterns exposed, stretching on for miles to the horizon.

3. El Hamma du Djerid

About 9 km north of Tozeur is the oasis of El Hamma du Djerid where there are four small villages (El Erg, Mhareb, Msaaba and Nemlut) and six hot springs. The oasis has an area of around 700 ha and contains 110,000 date palms. The hot springs here have been used for medical purposes since the Roman period and have waters rich in mineral deposits, said to help skin conditions such as eczema. For those interested in history, the oasis is also home to the ruins of a small Roman settlement (1 km from Nemlet).

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