Top Sites to Visit on a Family Trip to Tozeur


The ride towards Tozeur, through Southern Tunisia, is a medley of winding roads, hair-pin turns, and expansive views. It carries you through ancient towns climbing up the sides of rocky cliffs, acres of date palm trees, and rolling white sand dunes. And then suddenly, you find yourself on the moon! Well, not literally. But, as the car races down the poker straight highway through the Salt Flats on this family trip to Tozeur, one could convince oneself that you are truly on the moon! The highway is surrounded by endless sandy flatness and the apparent promise of water just ahead, which continually evolves into one more mirage.

Chott el Jerid
Chott el Jerid Salt Flats

Then comes Tozeur and what a treat this town proves to be! An oasis in the desert. Our family had three days of exploration and desert fun ahead on our family trip to Tozeur.

Star Wars Sites

We all agreed that a family highlight of our family trip to Tozeur was the journey we made to the Star Wars town close to Nefta. Just a short drive past Tozeur, and the herds of roaming camels and goats, transports you through the galaxies and onto the remains of a movie set. Now, you may not be much of a Star Wars fan but here, surrounded by walls of white Sahara sand, you feel as though you are on another planet. Children can have a blast as they run through the Star Wars’ homes, creating a whole new world. And Dad can feel as like he can fly as he jumps down the cliffs of perfectly soft sand.

Mos Espa

Ride Quad Bikes in Tozeur

Another gem of Tozeur for families looking for adventure was a quad trip through the surrounding Salt Flats. We all climbed onto a quad, including our three-year girl, and followed our guide through town. Get ready for pure excitement and squealing children as your quad  flies over, around, up and down the sandy dunes.

Ziplines, Horse Ride and Local Zoo

Really, we just scratched the surface of the adventures to be had in a place like Tozeur. We discovered ziplines through the tops of the palm trees at the massive Palmerie at the center of town. For those with a little less adrenaline, it is also a lush and beautiful location to enjoy a peaceful horse and buggy ride. Or take a saunter through the local desert zoo to visit the Coca-Cola-drinking camel and a unique desert garden! As a family of five, who enjoys a good adventure, we highly recommend a family trip to Tozeur for your family!

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