Tozeur: Where the Oasis, Sahara, and Salt Flats Meet


The majority of travelers to Tunisia spend most of their holiday sunbathing on one of the beautiful Tunisian beaches, but there is much more to Tunisia than the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline. As you travel to the interior of the country you will cross over Salt Flats, wind through oasis villages, and most likely stop of herds of camels crossing the roads. A city that you will not want to miss is the Oasis city of Tozeur. With an abundance of underground water sources, this is the second largest Oasis in Tunisia.

Here are our top 4 excursions and activities to take from Tozeur.

Ong Jemel and Star Wars sites:

Cross over barren landscapes and roar over white Sahara dunes until you reach Ong Jemel or ‘Neck of the Camel’. Get out and climb the rocky slopes and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Be sure to visit the Mos Espa Star Wars site still located amongst the dunes. You can take a camel ride around the site or walk amongst the film set.

Ong Jemel

Chott El Jerid:

Outside of Tozeur is the largest Salt Flat in the Sahara region. It is amazing how a Sahara Oasis can thrive this salt flat.

Chott el Jerid
Chott el Jerid

Sahara Lounge:

The Sahara Lounge is a cafe/restaurant located in the Tozeur Oasis. There is an obstacle course and zip line throughout the palmery. There are activities for different ages and levels of difficulty. Enjoy a meal in the beautiful gardens.


Take an excursion through the mountain Oasis villages. Hike over barren hills and mountains and stop for a dip in one of Tamerza’s waterfalls.


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